Solid Education. Tons of Fun.

How to Photoshop Everyone breaks the traditional mold of uninspiring Photoshop training and instead makes learning fun, enjoyable, and easy. Presented like a comedy feature film, this educational experience features Kevin Kubota as multiple characters who teach you how to master Photoshop®.

This educational movie consists of one 2½ hour DVD with scenes on workflow, layers, fixing problems, adding the art, actions, and final output. A second 3-hour DVD reviews the training from the movie in a more traditional way, and expands the education with additional in-depth techniques. By the time you're finished, you'll have the tools necessary to retouch any portrait with your own artistic flair.

Ch. 1 - Working Efficiently ......aasasdfdfs

Being a Photoshop guru means more than just liquifying your customer's eyeballs, it means working fast, efficiently, and effectively. Learn the secrets all pros (well, most of them) should know.

• Setting up Photoshop for the way YOU work

• Buy cheap real estate with an extra monitor

• Shortcuts that can add years to your life - and sanity!

• What you really need to know about color management

Ch. 2 - The Essentials of Photoshop

Every image tells a story - via its histogram. Learn to read and understand it, and what to do if it's not what it should be.

• Making sense of the histogram and what it tells you about your image

• How to quickly fix basic problems in your image exposure and tonality

• Layers - what they are and why you need to be using them

• Masks - you can't hide behind them, but they can give your images a real facelift!

• Tricks to save images you thought were unusable

Ch. 3 - Fixing Problems in Your Images

From retouching to getting rid of wayward assistants and extra protruding body parts, the magic starts to happen here. The steps are easier than you might think.

• Retouching skin while keeping it looking natural

• Removing objects from your scenes without leaving a trace

• How to create the impossible image by blending two similar shots

• Healing and cloning made easy

Ch. 4 - Adding spice to your images!

How to take a good image and make it great with some easy to use artistic enhancements. You are a photo impressionist, so make an impression!

• Painting with light, one of the most valuable Photoshop tools of all time!

• Enhancing the balance between light and shadow

• Groovy, funky, vintage color effects

• A rich B&W secret formula

Ch. 5 - Get yourself some action!

Photoshop actions are right up there with the wheel and sliced bread, as inventions go. They make a long, complicated process quick and one-click. Learn why everyone should be using them and why they aren't so tricky after all.

• The action palette explained

• What actions can and cannot do

• Writing your own actions

• Modifying existing actions to suit your needs better

Ch. 6 - Perfect Output......aasdasdffasdfsdfas

All your work perfecting those images won't mean a thing if you can't print and present it the way it really should look. Learn about proper formats and color spaces for sharing your work.

• What is soft proofing, how to use it and make it your friend

• A JPG is not just a JPG. Learn about the different options and which preserve the most image information

• Working with labs and making it a harmonious relationship

• Printing to perfection. What you see is what you get